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How Kaizen Helped me lose 14 pounds (6.5kg) in 2 months!

Thanks to my tall frame, I have never looked obese. Despite my frequent jogs and swims, the extra weight did bother me. A weak back and varicose veins were early signs that I needed to lose more. That was when I heard a fitness expert advise “Without calorie loss, don’t expect weight loss.”

I generally eat healthy, but the only visible sign of that was a tight trouser. That’s when the corporate training principle of Kaizen helped. Kaizen is a Japanese work philosophy that was made popular by the Toyota car company. Simply put it involves small changes that empower continuous improvement.

My kaizen to cut calories were:

1. Eliminate rice from meal plans, replace it with sorghum and millets.

2. Skip dinner totally, snack on carrots, tomatoes and whole cucumbers when hungry.

3 Drink water when hunger pangs kicked in between meals. And, if still hungry have a seasonal fruit or vegetable.

4. Consistent jogging or swimming for an hour daily. Jump roping also helped significantly.

So today, I’m enjoying a healthier me and a happier waistline.

Looking for kaizen inspiration for a strong back though. Any ideas?

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