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Confidence Learning Centres are designed to bring quality training services at value for money prices. What began in Vadodara, India, now serves test takers of IELTS and other popular tests in class and online, worldwide.

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EmSAT English for Universities in UAE

Emirates Standardised Test (EmSAT) 

The Emirates Standardised Test (EmSAT) is a Computer delivered test to assess candidates’ skills and knowledge in subjects like English, Mathematics, Arabic, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer science based on institutional requirements.
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EmSAT English is a more significant component of this test lasting for 135 minutes. It includes Multiple Choice, Fill in the Gaps and Essay type questions. All sections are timed and total 110 questions. The highest possible score is 2000

As an EmSAT Coach with a 2000 score equivalent to a C2 CEFR level, in my experience, essay writing for EmSAT is the most challenging task. However, it is also an area that can bring high scores since it comprises 30% of the total EmSAT marks. The essay can significantly improve total scores with certain strategies.

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