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Case Studies of Trainings Executed

Core Competency Training for 4,600+ Employees

Client: Pharmaceutical  Multi-location

  • Training Need: Productivity Improvement

  • Objective: Awareness and Implementation of 6 Essential Behavioural change

  • Method: Batch-wise training that imprinted desired behaviours through innovative training tools  

Training with Art

Business Communication Training

Client: IT, niche software major

  • Training Need: Upscale the Communication Skills for Customer Interactions with UK based colleagues and clients 

  • Objective: Top-notch communication 

  • Method: One month training with rigorous practice and testing

At the end of a 5 week Business Etiquett

Cross Cultural
Team Building

Client: Automobile MNC with staff from various countries

  • Training Need: Close knit teams needed

  • Objective: Discovering similarities between Indian and Chinese cultures 

  • Method: Classified. (But yes, Indians and Chinese now work together!)


Quality Compliance Training for Blue Collar workers

Client: Elevator Company, India's Biggest

  • Training Need: Blue-collar Technicians not implementing mandatory QC 

  • Objective: Establish the need for Quality Compliance in the heart

  • Method: One day, 'Lift Kare De' theme


Crosborder Sales Training

Client: Insurance Brokerage based in Australia,  selling from India

  • Training Need: Effective Telephone Selling Skills

  • Objective: Sales, sales, sales!

  • Method: Acclimatisation to Australian accents, Telephone selling skills

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